meet Carly

My name is Carly, I live in Exeter, Devon with my husband, Magnus & our 4 children, an array of cats, dog and a pet snake.

We have home educated our children for almost their entire education and this has enabled us to be able to travel & explore the world and our surrounding areas quite a bit over the years.  The children have recently been going to school here in Devon.   Apart from travelling I also love cooking & exploring (tasting) world cuisines, reading & furthering my learning in the birth world & beyond.  I love to listen to music of all kinds, I often have music playing in the background.   I am a serious coffee drinker, until it’s an acceptable time to drink a gin.   I also do many events with my Oracle business, Sol&LunaOracle.  I read oracle/tarot cards & have begun walking the Star Priestess Spiral with Glastonbury Goddess Temple, learning all about astrology.

I have always had a passion for helping women and over the last few years, in between having children, I have trained in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Drumming and card readings.  Alongside this I have run women’s circle to help empower and heal women in my local community.  We created a safe,  harmonious space filled with love and understanding. 

I have some amazing friends, two in particular I met during my time home educating the wonderful Katie Olliffe and Paula Cleary.  Both are incredible mums, doulas and women.  They inspired me to jump in and call Maddie at Developing Doulas & book on to a course.    I was lucky to be accepted into the DD family and started my training in April 2019 when I had returned from Spain.

From the moment I walked in I knew I was where I was meant to be.  I had found my calling.  My soul sang & my heart filled.  I had the best most amazing group of women who trained with me that I now get to call my friends & whom I get to work with. 

I absolutely love doualing and love to learn and I am constantly adding more strings to my bow.   I was extremely lucky to have found & been accepted by the gorgeous Sophie Messager, who is quite possibly the best mentor I could have asked for.  We have formed a beautiful friendship & we have been able to work alongside each other with clients.

I am able to offer full breastfeeding support with the amazing Milk Mentors, I am a Reiki Master & enjoy all aspects of supporting women, whether that’s by empowering women through birth, in circles or wherever I need to be to help that process.

I also offer Mother Blessings, Reiki, Drumming Sessions, Gifts & Crystals to support through pregnancy and beyond.  

I am a Pregnancy Sickness Peer Supporter with PSS after suffering with HG myself.  I have also volunteered for Neighbourhood Doulas and currently with Doulas without Borders, both supporting women in need.  

 After having my children, I feel that lots more support is needed for both the mother & father during pregnancy, birth & beyond.  I love being able to help support families in these times and feel so honoured to be to do this amazing work.  I feel it is so important to make sure my clients are fully informed in their rights.  I support all choices that are made whether that’s a natural birth, water birth or a scheduled c-section.  Your body, your baby, your choice.

After suffering with HG throughout all of my pregnancies but most notabley my final pregnancy I felt compelled to volunteer at PSS.  The support and information they provide is above and beyond.
Pregnancy Sickness Support is a registered UK Charity; Our aims are based on what we consider to be the current needs of women suffering with Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum as well as incorporating the needs of the Health Care Professionals and carers of women suffering with these conditions, which we review on an ongoing basis.
Doulas Without Borders is a voluntary network, offering accessible grass roots services to women experiencing multiple disadvantage and financial hardship during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. We currently have over 200 volunteers. Our focus is on providing the emotional, physical and informational support which is crucial during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

If you are just outside of the pink area and would still like to know more, please contact me for more information

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